Lenard Tillery

Author and Songwriter

Lenard Tillery is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. After serving in the U.S. Army he attended Louisiana State University where he met his wife Lisa Tillery. 

Together they had six children (Lauren, LaKaley, Lenard III, Lindsey, Lexie and Lenae).

Feeling outnumbered, he and his son coerced his wife to try once again for another boy only to end up with fraternal twin girls. After giving up and succumbing to life with a wife and five daughters, he decided to put his newly acquired communication and listening skills to good use.

He authored his first book in 2003, was the songwriter and inspiration of two gospel C.D.'s and "Not Too Easy" is his first novel. He gives God the glory for his success and continues to minister as a teacher and speaker at seminars, special events and his local church.